Cara Delevingne has a twin in Italy, Cristina Zorenko

Hi guys I’m new here and I’m a fan of Cara Delevingne, I love her. My name is David but now I want to talk about a beautiful Cara’s double. Her name is Cristina Zorenko. She was born on 27 september 2001 in Italy, she is 15, but her family is Ukrainian. Her idol is Cara Delevingne, she wishes that one day Cara, looking at her pictures, thinks that Cristina looks like her, and also she wishes that she can meet her. She is studying to be a beautician, but nevertheless she wants be a model. And what do you think? She looks like Cara or not?

INSTAGRAM: @Cristina_zorenko 

FACEBOOK: Cristina Zorenko

SNAPCHAT: @criiszore_27

Cristina Zorenko

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne/Cristina Zorenko

Cara Delevingne/Cristina Zorenko

Cristina Zorenko

Cristina Zorenko

Cara Delevingne


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